Pop Quiz: 

Q: What year did EPA first release a comprehensive report forecasting a rise nationally in algae blooms, a northern shift in crop production, more frequent forest fires and a future crisis in California's water-supply system? 1989, 1997, 2007, 2013?

Q: Which farm practices create the multiple benefits of sequestering carbon in the soil while also leading to less nutrient runoff and improved water quality?

Q: Who said climate change shouldn't be a major issue for agriculture because where he lives used to be the Permian Sea (250 million years ago)?

Q: What are the two major agricultural organizations located in Salina, Kansas, and what is the one issue that connects the two groups? ‚Äč

Q: Who said this on the U.S. Senate floor about farming and carbon sequestration?

"This will build a new market for farmers, one that pays for how they produce, not just what they produce. Many farm conservation practices have been sequestering carbon for years, but we have not adequately been able to measure and capitalize on this promising process."

Answers: Well, the answers are actually in the book. 

The Elephant in the Cornfield